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What's happening with EVE?

EVE is on Amazon

It's the new year! Don't forget in 2015, EVE, Inc. is still a charitable organization you can donate to using your Amazon account. Amazon will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchase prices to EVE and will not be additional charges made to your account.

There are tens of millions of products available which makes it easy to get all of your shopping done quickly! As always, if you would like to make a donation, our PayPal button and our "How to Give" links are in the menu to the left. Go to to shop!

Executive Director Transition

The Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that Richard Znidarsic will serve as the Interim Executive Director after the departure of Tonya Avery on October 8th. Richard has a great deal of organization history and advanced leadership experience. He has shown his commitment to EVE's mission over many years. We are so excited to have this committed and experienced business leader and EVE former President of the Board of Directors take the helm of our organization during this time.










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