Filing for a PPO during the Coronavirus

This page will tell you how to file for a PPO during this time of social distancing.  It will tell you your options for getting the paperwork to the courthouse and it will tell you what paperwork you will need and how to fill it out.

Options for getting your PPO paperwork to the Courthouse:


1. Currently, the PPO Office is NOT available for in person assistance. If you would like a paper packet of forms, you can obtain a packet from the table that is just before the Courthouse security inside the building or you can obtain a packet from the Circuit Court Clerk's Office. You can take the paperwork home to complete or you may complete the paperwork at a table outside the Clerk’s Office.

2. If you prefer to obtain and fill out the paperwork remotely, the forms are also available here on EVE's website. See PPO Forms. 

  • Electronic filing is being accepted until further notice. You may email your paperwork to: 

  • You may also fax your paperwork to: 517-483-6401 or 517-483-6501

Click here for location information.


1. File all paperwork for PPO.

2. 24 hours after you have filed for your PPO, call the PPO Office at 517-483-6545 to check on the status of your decision. Once you have called the PPO Office and confirmed that your decision is ready to be picked up.


3. Pick up your decision at the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office on the 1st floor or the Veteran’s Memorial Courthouse OR you may request a scanned copy of your decision by emailing:

What paperwork you need to file.