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What is a flatweave area rug?

Flatweave rugs are among the oldest types of rugs created using a traditional weaving technique producing patterns that are intricate and full of color. These rugs don't have the pile or backing that you'd most often find in knotted or tufted rugs. Due to the different patterns on both sides of the rug, flatweaves area rugs tend to be reversible, lighter, and more flexible.

Flatweave carpets have no knots, and they are woven from horizontal and vertical fibers together to create a single piece of art. Although flatweave rugs are trending, they have their roots in the history of rug making.

It's thin, lightweight, and has no piles. Thus easy to move around and stack on top of natural fiber rugs. Flatwoven rugs look good on hardwood floors, and they work well layered over them. You can choose to have tassels on the edges of flat-woven rugs if going for a more boho style.

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