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L&L Skin Facial Machine with Anti-Aging Effects

L&L Skin is a method of introducing water-soluble ingredients, including high molecular weight ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, directly into the skin cells by applying a short and strong special pulsed current.

L&L Skin was first used in medicine to deliver drugs directly into the cells. Its effectiveness has been recognized and it is now being used in beauty care.

Normally, even if a lotion contains high molecular weight ingredients such as collagen, they cannot penetrate into the skin. However, L&L Skin allows them to penetrate into the cells, inhibiting melanin production and moisturizing the skin from deep within.

Difference between ionization and L&L Skin

Not long ago, ionization was the mainstream method used in many facial massage device. Recently, however, L&L Skin has become more mainstream than ionization.

In ionization, beauty ingredients such as vitamin C and placenta, which are difficult to penetrate as they are, are ionized, and the same ions repel each other, allowing the lotion to enter the skin.

To explain this in simple terms, vitamin C derivatives have an anionic (-) ion, so when an electric current of (-) ions is passed through an ion-introduction facial toner, the (-) and (-) ions repel each other, and the force of the repulsion allows the vitamin C derivative to penetrate the top layer of the skin, the stratum corneum.

However, there is a weakness: large molecules such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot be ionized, and they can only reach the stratum corneum near the surface of the skin.

On the contrary, poration, which is the mainstream method these days, can penetrate even large-molecule beauty ingredients and reach the subcutaneous tissue at the deepest part of the skin. In other words, the penetration power is completely different.

Why can't I use collagen drinks?

There are often collagen drinks and supplements containing collagen, but once they enter the body, they are broken down and converted into amino acids, so we do not know where they are transported to in the body.

It may be used for the skin, but it may also be used for bone joints. In other words, there is no guarantee that drinking a collagen drink will result in collagen for the skin. In comparison, the effect of using poration is obvious because it can be introduced directly into the skin.

However, L&L Skin also has a drawback, and that is that it can be too penetrating. Even chemicals with large molecules that are designed not to be penetrated into the skin can be penetrated by L&L Skin. Therefore, we need to be very careful about the cosmetics we use.

Effects of L&L Skin

The effects of L&L Skin can be summarized as anti-aging, improvement of dark spots and dullness, improvement of acne, whitening and beautifying of the skin, improvement of dry skin, prevention of blemishes, and lifting.

Although it is mainly effective for anti-aging, it is also good for young people who do not have any major skin problems but want to take care of their skin on a daily basis, such as preventing rough skin and blemishes.

It allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the cells, which normalizes the turnover and enhances the skin's regenerative power.

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