A socially-distanced rally in support of survivors of sexual assault.

April 24, 2021 at 10am

In-Person at Sparrow Hospital

 1400 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI. 48912

Registration at 9am

Rally to Empower Survivors

EVE & Sparrow Hospital Present:

Join Us!

Why Should You Join?

Because your voice has power. 

Get resources for yourself or the people in your life who are survivors of sexual assault. 

Talk to the organizations that

are advocating for

survivors every day.

Your voice is powerful.

And when you add your voice to the sea of voices in Lansing standing with survivors, your voice can change the world. Why does your voice matter? Because sexual trauma by its very nature can make victims feel alone and isolated, as this component of the trauma is embedded in every layer of the experience. 

First, the perpetrator usually has to isolate the victim. Then friends, family, and institutions sometimes continue the process of isolation by questioning how or why this happened, implying or outright assigning blame to the victim, minimizing, ignoring, or not believing what happened is true. If people do not feel safe or welcomed to talk about what happened, they learn to be silent.

Afterwards, survivors may feel anxious, unsafe, and worried about a reoccurrence. They may not trust anyone; after all, they may have trusted their perpetrator, friends, family, and institutions only to feel betrayed. They may feel depressed, have poor and disrupted sleep, and lack the energy to engage in activities. It is typical to want to withdraw from social situations, avoid the public, and not want to be touched at all.

Your voice has the power to break through that isolation and prove that survivors are not alone. That you believe survivors. That you stand with survivors. That it isn't their fault. 


I believe you!


are not alone!

This year is the 20th Anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

Find out the history of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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