On average, it takes a survivor 7 attempts to leave before they are able to stay safe and start again.

While taking the first step to safety can be the hardest step, once a survivor leaves an abusive relationship, there are a lot of hurdles for them to face- often alone since abusers start by isolating their victims.

You can start removing those barriers one piece at a time.

Your donation will be directly given to survivors*. While you are providing the actual item that you purchase to a survivor, you will not be receiving this item.

The item will be given to a survivor in the Lansing area. 

*We cannot predict what items or services a survivor will need and when. If you purchase an item, and we have a survivor who needs a different, we will reach out to you via email and ask permission to purchase the immediate need, and you can decide if your donation can be used that way or not. 

Thank you for giving the gifts of safety, healing, comfort, and knowledge. 

If you would like to be notified of current needs as they occur, please sign up for our newsletter. 

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