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24 Hour Crisis Line

Now Available Online Chat 
What is our Crisis Line?
Our crisis line is a 24 hour call center that not only provides support and crisis intervention but where trained advocates connect you with the services provided by EVE.  
Reasons to Call
  • You are a survivor in need of direct services like advocacy, counseling or legal aid
  • You are seeking emergency shelter from an abusive relationship
  • You are seeking medical advocacy after a sexual assault
  • You are looking for information on how to help a friend or family member.
What can our Crisis Line Do?
  • Be a supportive and listening ear
  • Connect survivors to direct service
  • Provide referrals
  • Help someone work through how to have a conversation with a friend or family member that is experiencing abuse.

Online chat is now available. However, please note these safety concerns: that while the webchat is encrypted, if your computer has been compromised, someone else could still see the chat conversation. EVE strongly encourages visitors to either find a safe, untampered with computer for the chat, or to call our phone support line from a safe phone. Thank you. If you believe your computer is safe and wish to proceed please click the button below.

24-Hour Crisis Line 517-372-5572
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