The Capital Area Sexual Assault Response Team (CASART) is a multidisciplinary team of specially trained members of health care, law enforcement, prosecution, and advocacy that work together to provide services to victims of sexual assault, while investigating cases for criminal prosecution


Capital Area Sexual Assault Response Team

What is CASART?

CASART's Mission

To provide a competent, coordinated, multi-disciplinary response to sexual assault. To adhere to best practices in order to promote a systemic response that holds offenders accountable and creates a community sensitive to the needs of survivors.

Lauren Vitek- CASART Coordinator,, (517) 899-0887 P.O. Box 14149 Lansing, MI 48901 Position funded by EVE Inc. 

CASART Coordinator Contact 

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Crisis Line: 372-5572

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PO Box 14149

Lansing, MI. 48901

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