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What is an Advocate?

An advocate is someone who "goes to bat for you." Our goal is to partner with you on your journey and to help you see your own inner strength as you further your journey of Empowerment!

What can an Advocate Do?

Your advocate will help you find resources and offer referrals to attain access to public transportation as well as your housing goals, provide law enforcement coordination and assistance with crime victim’s compensation.

​Your advocate will help you develop a safety plan, set goals, help you navigate the legal system, and accompany you to related court appearances. 


Types of Advocacy Offered at EVE:

  • Residential Advocacy (Clients staying within shelter)
  • Non-Residential Advocacy (Clients throughout the community)
  • Abuse Later in Life Advocacy
  • Legal Advocacy for personal protection order assistance only
  • Sexual Assault Advocacy
  • Medical Advocacy
Our advocacy services are tailored to each survivors needs. YOU set your own goals and  let us know what we can do to be supportive of your journey.

Creating Pathways to Safety and Opportunities to Heal.

"Through the years of working with first their residential services then their non-residential services, I have become a strong-willed independent woman who has a very high self-esteem and self-worth. I am no longer broken or scared. Thanks to the support and services of EVE."   - Client of EVE
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