Emergency Shelter

Hotel bed pillows

For many, shelter (whether it is with EVE or elsewhere) is the first step in creating opportunities to heal. Survivors often express safety as their number one concern when deciding to leave a relationship. Once safety is secure they are able to begin the healing process in whatever way(s) they deem appropriate. 

* If you are a male experiencing domestic violence and are in need of shelter please contact our crisis line. Our staff is happy to assist in finding a men's shelter.

Domestic Violence is the THIRD leading cause of Homelessness.

At EVE we try to combat that statistic by providing safe, temporary housing for women and their children.

"When I first came to EVE, I was broken with low self-esteem, low self-worth, co-dependent, scared, etc. They welcomed me with open arms."

Last year EVE provided 8,493 safe nights of shelter to 70 Adults and 59 Children.