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Volunteer Positions

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Survivors Deserve Safety & Support


Please fill out the application that best fits your situation. Definitions are provided below to help you decide. 

  • Volunteer: Individuals seeking to provide volunteer services to EVE who are NOT seeking internship credit.

  • Community Service: Individuals seeking to complete court-ordered community service. Our community service volunteers will work with our Facilities Supervisor to provide maintenance around our shelter such as cleaning, organizing, landscaping, painting, etc. 

  • Group: Groups looking to complete a special project or a day of service. Examples include donation drives, landscaping projects, and cleaning of buildings.

All applicants must also fill out the "Background Check" waiver.

Click a button below to be taken to your desired application


Additional information for Volunteers/Interns

Volunteer/Intern Handbook

Goal Sheet/Profile

Time Log Form

Exit Survey

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