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Our History

Founded in 1977, the Council Against Domestic Assault (CADA) began with a group of concerned community members who wanted to help support their family, friends, and neighbors. The Council Against Domestic Assault grew to include Lansing's first domestic violence shelter and supportive services for survivors and their children. In recent years, CADA changed its name to EVE (End Violent Encounters) to reflect EVE's comprehensive services to survivors.

Today, End Violent Encounters has grown to provide supportive services such as advocacy, medical advocacy, clinical programs, crisis intervention, children's programs and community education to survivors of many forms of violence including domestic, sexual, stalking, and elder abuse.


To support domestic and sexual abuse survivors on their journey of healing and empower our community through education and awareness.


EVE, End Violent Encounters is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides supportive services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, stalking and elder abuse.


PO Box 14149 Lansing, MI. 48901

Admin Office: 517-372-5572

EVE programs use a nonjudgmental, supportive, and strengths-based approach. They are client-centered and are offered to all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ability, income, marital status, age, and veteran status. You do not have to live in Clinton, Eaton or Ingham County to receive services.

Live Life Empowered

EVE's Diversity Statement

EVE recognizes and honors the intersectionality of the survivors we work with every day. Every survivor is unique, and each has a unique confluence of identities and experiences that have shaped who they are. We go with them on their healing journey and empower them in becoming the people they hope to become. It would be a disservice to our mission, our survivors, and the community that has embraced us, for staff, volunteers, or board members to lack diversity. In diversity there is strength.  


EVE strongly believes an agency can only best serve survivors if its staff reflects the survivors and the community it serves.   


EVE invites people of diverse backgrounds, such as race, national origin, age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, ability level, mental health status, height, and weight to make application to join our agency in the valuable work of empowering survivors and putting an end to domestic and sexual violence, stalking, and elder abuse. EVE strongly encourages LGBTQIA2+, minority, non-traditional, and all historically underrepresented candidates to make applications as well. 


EVE is committed to continuing to evaluate and refine its hiring practices and agency policies to foster and maintain an authentic, appreciative, inclusive, and diverse work environment where all staff and volunteers know their value as employees, and most importantly, as human beings. EVE pledges to give all staff, interns, and volunteers the tools and support they need to be successful, resilient, and content, and pledges to ensure that physical, mental, or emotional health needs are heard and respected.  

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