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Shari Murgittroyd Scholarship Fund

Unlock Your True Potential 

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Shari Murgittroyd, a past Board President and long time supporter of EVE, lost her battle with cancer on August 23, 2020. Shari was part of EVE’s board for many years and served on various committees. She dedicated her life to helping survivors, giving a voice to those in need, and pushing the field forward. In honor of Shari's relentless work for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, EVE is dedicating its scholarship fund to her memory. 

Shari Kay Murgittroyd

August 29, 1967 - August 23,2020

What is the Shari Murgittroyd Scholarship?

On an annual basis, EVE will award up to two (2) scholarships in an amount sufficient to fund two semesters of study to survivors of physical, emotional, or sexual violence who meet the scholarship’s criteria. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable survivors to develop skills and mechanisms to live a full life, free from domestic or sexual violence. The intent is to provide funding to facilitate the completion of a one- or two-year certificate or associate’s degree at Lansing Community College (LCC) or a recognized college, university or vocational training center.


What are the criteria to qualify for the scholarship?

Successful applicants will demonstrate the need, desire, and ability to complete a course of study and Participate in the pre-application submission conference call for tips about completing an application.

Date: October 8, 2020, at 12:00 PM


How do you apply for the scholarship?

Applicants need to complete the EVE scholarship application posted on EVE’s website ( Application information includes: basic information about the applicant; details of how the scholarship will be used in reaching an applicant’s goals; and details of an applicant’s strategy and coping skills to ensure she can complete a course of study. Applications must be submitted no later than October 30th for Spring semester coursework.

When are scholarships awarded?

Up to two scholarships will be awarded in November for Spring semester coursework. The maximum payout for the scholarship will be $5,000 for the full year (two semesters).


Who decides who receives a scholarship?

EVE, Inc. has appointed a five-member selection committee comprised of: two members of EVE’s Board of Directors; a community representative familiar with domestic violence and sexual assault.

Please download and complete the application and return it to along with additional documents you wish to include such as a letter of recommendation.

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