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ignite their healing


A Sanctuary to Heal

At EVE we are more than just a shelter. We are a sanctuary for healing and help survivors of domestic and sexual violence by providing a non-judgmental, supportive, and strengths-based approach that allows a survivor to become empowered and thrive but we cannot do it alone.

$25 - can help provide meals

$50 - can help provide advocacy resources

$75 - can help provide legal resources

$100 - can help provide counseling services


hear how your support has helped


"EVE has people trained in domestic violence and knows what is normal for people experiencing it.  EVE counselors are aware of the dynamics, recognize gaslighting, and get what's going on. Just last night I recommended a friend call the hotline and get set up as a client with services. I've had other friends I've done the same with and they are now benefiting from EVE in helping them work their escapes."


"I appreciate the advocacy I have received and am so grateful to have your organization as a resource. I finally feel like I have someone willing to help and that is monumental."

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