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Services Title IX program offers:
  • The title IX program can assist in providing information on the Title IX process
  • Ensuring students are connected to community resources as needed
  • Offers assistance in legal processes such as acquiring a PPO
  • Offers trainings in various topics. EVE offers a review of district services and procedures and can assist in modifying them if needed. 
Trainings we currently offer: 
  • Title IX Overview
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • EVE Services Overview for students, faculty, and staff

*Our Title IX program cannot give legal advice

Title IX Program

Our Title IX program was created with the goal of providing support for area schools and students throughout the sexual harassment related Title IX process. The Title IX program aims to protect and advocate for students who have experienced sexual or gender based violence. 

Interested in getting connected? Contact:
Anika Rajan
Phone: (517)-899-0189
Address: P.O. Box 14149 Lansing, MI 48901

*Our Title IX program cannot give legal advice

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